Which pimple patches are best for me?

Which pimple patches are best for me?

Pimple patches are the latest trend sweeping our TikTok FYP, promising to minimise the look of blemishes for a less-aggravated complexion. And, while we were sceptical to begin with, it turns out there’s a whole world of spot stickers out there, ready and waiting to soothe the appearance of redness and swelling. So, if you’re looking to reignite your complexion confidence, we’ve got something to suit every blemish, from whiteheads to acne scars…

What are the best pimple patches?

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch – 24 Patches

Spots and blemishes are a right of passage for most women – but luckily COSRX is on hand to battle even the peskiest of imperfections. No matter the size of your blemish, the COSRX Pimple Patches feature three different sizes to help minimise the look of blemishes, redness and inflammation. They can even be worn under foundation, thanks to the clear, undetectable finish!

What’s more, target even larger areas with the COSRX Master Patch Intensive

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