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Kooswalla Tea Tree Hair Mask 500ml

Kooswalla Tea Tree Hair Mask 500ml

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Kooswalla Tea Tree Hair Mask 500ml

Kooswalla Tea Tree Hair Mask 500ml is made from a unique blend of ingredients including tea tree oil essence, vitamin E, proteins and keratin. The tea tree oil essence has been shown to help moisturises the hair and contributes to limit the drying that occurs from daily damage, keratin is the very building block of hair strands, and proteins help to enrich your hair. This hair mask leave your hair with a wondrous feel of silky smoothness and lustrous shine, completely hydrated and full of flexible elasticity.

For all hair types.

How To Use:

Apply a quarter size amount of Kooswalla Tea Tree Hair Mask 500ml to the mid-lengths and ends of hair. Massage throughout, paying close attention to the ends and comb through for even distribution. Leave on for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse, dry as usual, style hair. For best results, apply 2 -3 times a week.


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