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Ofra Eye Primer

Ofra Eye Primer

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Do you need something that will boost the color intensity of your shadows and also help them last better during the day? OFRA has prepared something for you! Eye Gel Primer is the perfect base for your eyeshadows to revive and dazzle your eyelids.

magnetic look with Eye Gel Primer

This product works perfectly with any type of eyeshadow: pressed, loose, cream and even liquid. Instantly prepares the eyes for shadow application, creating a sticky surface that provides excellent product adhesion. Instantly smooths the eyelid, providing an exceptional finish. Light and easy to apply Eye Gel Primer makes eye makeup look flawless all day long. It is also worth mentioning that it is a vegan-friendly product.

the best gel eye shadow base - OFRA

Thanks to Eye Gel Primer all discolorations or vessels become invisible, which affects saturation and coverage of shadows. Sticky layer of primer influences better application of products, facilitating their adhesion and blending. Eyeshadow on the base spreads evenly, not gathering in the eyelid crevices.
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